Final Fantasy XIV Online A Realm Reborn : Jobs, Classes, & Builds

Pallytime talks about the "jobs" in Final Dream XIV. Just what are the prerequisites? Exactly what are the options? In a World Reborn, jobs relate to an extra specific variation of the preliminary courses readily available in the video game.

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21 Responses to Final Fantasy XIV Online A Realm Reborn : Jobs, Classes, & Builds

  1. Tonsof Poop


  2. Tonsof Poop

    I really enjoy dragoon. its a great dd and fun to play.

  3. Joe Ramirez

    I noticed that in this video they have something that looks like an Ifrit
    FATE battle. That would actually be awesome an improvement over the mostly
    mindless beat’em up FATEs that are in place now. They should put some more
    strategic FATEs in :)

  4. kyotheman101

    wish square give up on mmorpg aspect just stick making single player rpgs,
    maybe do better job with them instead of copying the western world, u guys
    tried already 11 was okay still blizzard did better job making their game
    more success plus they had like 9years to do so.

  5. Dennis McCarty

    I wish all future MMO games would have a gamepad layout like this game. I
    have my Pc connected to my Tv and its just so damn convenient using a
    controller and FF14 does it very well.

  6. Halphon “B.” Dreyfuss

    really tht sounds cool

  7. Halphon “B.” Dreyfuss

    i think i might get this

  8. 405sasuke

    Black mage looks awesome, does it do a lot of damage?

  9. AwakenedMAgi

    I like lalafin what class is best for lallafin

  10. Whiskey 69

    I have never played any FF game but Monk seems to be a fun class.

  11. alexandre de chatigny

    how can I be a dragoon? 

  12. Dennis McCarty

    Man, there really are some stupid people that play this game. Idk if its
    because theyrenjust skipping through important dialogue or they are really
    just stupid.

  13. Chad Brown

    I like the abuse of the pronunciation and Jobs are like AD&D prestige
    classes with Entry Requirement spells, +7 BAB abilities, and so on….

  14. Julian Jones

    I feel like I see the same gear in every vid I watch. I know it’s still
    early but I sure hope they don’t have us running around in af for 20 lvls

  15. Arvin Komatsu

    final fantasy 14 best suck ever bullshit

  16. Cool cool games

    I like gladiators

  17. Mathew De Jong

    People like you I hate.. who cares how it is pronounced you idiot



  19. Master Shake.

    wait is it online or not its okay if its not but just saying reply if you
    have the answer to my Question 

  20. ilovejpmetz1

    the narrator can’t even pronounce grimoire properly. lulz 

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