GTA 5 Online- Best Paying Jobs/Missions ($25,000 & 4000RP) How to Complete SOLO!

This is a run through of one of the very best paying missions/jobs with in the GTA 5 Online or multiplier game. This video is a walk-through on how to conveniently finish this goal solo and get one of the most loan as well as RP from the work. The task name is 'Extradition'.


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43 Responses to GTA 5 Online- Best Paying Jobs/Missions ($25,000 & 4000RP) How to Complete SOLO!

  1. Konsteri V-M

    What is name of this mission?

    • Pro Rillex

      +Yee Macghyee yeah if you put the money in the bank you can extract with
      every character you have on that account..also sorry for late reply,but i
      didn’t had a notification from your comment,because you didn’t write my
      name correctly

    • Rambo LOL

      +Pro Rillex yep its super cool you can complete daily objectives and flight
      school things lol

    • GummyBear Gaming

      +Yee Macghyee what missions do you do when you grind?

    • - LIGHT -

      +Konsteri V-M extradition unlocks at rank 51

  2. Zdichck

    what’s name of the Zentorrno’s colour?

    • Alan Perreira


    • Ali Mohammad

      +Niels L. you funny 😂😂😂😂

    • Ali Mohammad

      +Niels L. you funny 😂😂😂😂

    • Chruckn0rris

      I think it’s a pearlescent orange if that helps.

    • saif alam

      probally metallic black wiv race yellow

  3. Oliver Smith

    why do you-tuber’s have such bad colds like the colds go on for like 2

    • Xavieus

      Cause of their sick vids yo

    • agosinter

      +Adrian Castro (Xavieus) lmao


      Oliver Smith from touching all that YouTube money or spending it on COCAINE

  4. George Smith

    Just do VIP missions, 25k executive search, 30k for piracy prevention

  5. IAmVinnie TV

    Got 300k off this

  6. IAmVinnie TV

    Doing it over and over again

  7. TheCrazyPianist

    Omfg MADRAZO not madrea

  8. Paradise7

    i know a way easier way to do this mission bro

    • xX_Meme_Dealer_Xx

      Then tell us

    • Paradise7

      ill be uplaoding a video soon !

  9. CDUDE

    how do you record your gameplay

    • TKG

      Elgato i guess

    • CDUDE


  10. Kristine Haglund

    Im level 5439 and If i get 50 likes i will give away a modded account lvl
    8000 and 200 billions

    • Money Savage 23

      Yo listen I have had my ups and downs. All I wanted to complete in my life
      is to be good in sports. I failed as I tore my acl while playing basketball
      and when I recovered I broke my hip by getting hit by a car. Now all I do
      is sit in a wheelchair trying to make money. I could never a job so I’m
      trying to become a video game designer. All I do is play Gta on ps4. I have
      always wanted a modded account please oh please give it to me. I’m 29 years
      in a wheelchair. I want to work for video games and start a Gta 5 YouTube
      account. I trust u man. I’m depending on u. If u r willing to give it to me
      Psn octatwork

      PlayStation 4

      Plz help me out I’m not lying please help me if u have a heart

      Sincerely octatwork

    • Shane Bryant (Highlandshrimp)

      but on youtubr

    • Gohard Hard

      can I get it what do I have to do

  11. Tyler Chao

    They don’t have this mission no more

    • stephen mctowlie

      sure its still there…

    • Michal Wubs

      Tyler Chao it’s there

    • OrellGaming

      is it xbox 360

  12. xkirawake

    I personally like doing prison break I usually get 80k cause I tell the
    host to give me it they just will

  13. Eddiel Olivares

    ur titel says 25k

  14. DAT__GAMER

    LAAAG!!! :((

  15. Dave Mackie

    nice car,good more thanks.

  16. mary theresa crielly

    I have to get 100 likes and I’ll give away 5 modded accounts on ps4

  17. taylor sheldon

    20 minutes for extradition? You suck at Gta

  18. Elwyn Monroy

    What rank does it open ?

  19. YoloGames12

    what category is it in

  20. ImFaDezz AR's

    the best way to get money:
    -the more missions you can do
    -in the least amount of time
    *with a good pay rate*

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