GTA 5 Paint Jobs: Best Rare Paint Jobs Online! (Tron, Nebula, Dragon) “GTA 5 Secret Paint Jobs”


In this video i show you guys the very best uncommon as well as secret paint jobs on GTA 5 online!

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Ideally you men did enjoy this best paint tasks or rare/ secret paint jobs on GTA 5 online this video clip shows you 4 remarkable paint jobs you could utilize to customize your cars making them look incredible as well as to thrill on-line gamers or your friends, i reveal you individuals the Flamed Bronze Paint Task, Nebula Paint Work, Tron Paint Task, & The Dragon Paint Task, comment which you believe is your favored paint work on GTA 5 online as well as leave a like on the video clip for even more GTA 5 paint task videos and subscribe for future GTA 5 online material!

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33 Responses to GTA 5 Paint Jobs: Best Rare Paint Jobs Online! (Tron, Nebula, Dragon) “GTA 5 Secret Paint Jobs”

  1. A.C

    Black with pearlesent race yellow makes gold

    • Snake

      A.C …

  2. Daniel Barrera

    what tires are those?

    • Pranks and Magic

      Daniel Barrera which oh cheetah RR

    • Mafia Master

      Daniel Barrera atomic tires

    • Joey Salvador

      Hey guys.. i foоoound а real tоol to generаte unlimited moneу and RP.I’ve
      tried it and its really work on my GTA V online accоunt!*Just visit gрlus
      асcоunt if you want to get it too:* GTА 5 Paint
      Jobs Best Rare Paint Jobs Оnline Tron Nebulа Dragon GTA 5 Secrеt Рaint Jobs

    • _Niqolovia_

      Joey Salvador

    • Troy Carlisle

      Daniel Barrera o

  3. DorterX:D

    Trone da best

  4. ItzHaxzGR

    How can i get so much money in singleplayer?

    • Karim “The smite” Gamer

      ItzHaxzGR complete story mode

    • SoLoER –Magma

      ItzHaxzGR just beware that if you’ve already done all of the Lester
      assassination missions than I’m afraid I can’t help you get that 2 billion.

  5. Homie Turtle

    My favorite is either nebula or tribe.

  6. maxisnikers

    *i’ve found this yesterday **** and i was able to
    get 630m on ps4 but it saythat it works on pc and other consoles to :0*

    • Nahid Niloy

      maxisnikers why you giving people virus

    • Builderb0y

      Don’t use this this guy is giving you a virus

    • thetrollmaster 1

      Builderb0y thank you

  7. Thunder Plays

    The zentorno is my fave car

    • Bram gaming GAMER

      Thunder Plays is cool

  8. Babafyr

    The Tron paintjob will have a more prominent blue colour if you choose
    “Galaxy blue” Instead of the Graphite. The graphite with ultra blue
    pearlecent will look almost black if the light doesn’t shine the right way.

  9. Sam Wild

    That Tron colour looks bloody mean

  10. titoc alesio

    my favorite is dragonbal


    Are the prices lower in story mode

  12. John Smith

    I will trade for 1 mill

  13. Maarten _Bos

    Does it only work on the zentorno??

  14. Adrian Baeza

    I like the dragon scale

  15. _Alf


  16. TBG360 Beast360

    I subscribed and liked! And I have One favourite rare paint it’s the Nice
    Colour Blue! I Love your videos!

  17. Alan LHUILLIER

    Tron is the best

  18. Janine Gutstein

    i thought his chanel was cooflaws (coof) (laws) and was going to be some
    redneck or somthing

  19. Daniel Shaw

    copy of of chaotic

  20. Muhammad Hanif

    Hey man @codflaws I know how to turn that tron blue into tron green. same
    base metallic color only change the pearlescent to lime green.

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