How to Start GTA Online – Jobs, Missions, Inviting Friends, etc. (GTA Online Explained)

Hey individuals I put together this video to reveal you ways to begin GTA Online. Ideally this will certainly clean up any kind of complication you could have about finishing the tutorial, welcoming as well as joining friends, and also participating in works as well as missions.
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32 Responses to How to Start GTA Online – Jobs, Missions, Inviting Friends, etc. (GTA Online Explained)

  1. Golden Eagle

    Going to be playing GTA Online on PS4! All in first person mode! Stay tuned
    next week.

    • Abdallah Basree

      So when you invite your friend they don’t need to open the same race they
      just need to go to Gta online, is that right?

    • Ricardo Medina

      add me on gta5 David jr15

    • Daniel Clarke-lloyd

      +Ricardo Medina are you on PS3 or ps4

    • Golden Eagle

      +Daniel Clarke-lloyd PS4 now. I haven’t played the last-gen consoles in
      quiet some time.

    • PenguinZ 4Life

      +Retro Modern Games On PS4? Awesome! I don’t have GTA though

  2. kyle looney


    • Waleed Munir

      Select the players game card and then send friend request


    Hey I saw your video but im still stumped, i play on ps4 and on the map the
    blue icons for jobs are not on my map. Any idea why? Thers the premium and
    stunt races on it tho

    • Golden Eagle

      Maybe the map is filtered to only show certain icons?


      That would make sense but its on high detail so it should be fine but I
      guess I will look in the settings, meh at least I found where I can pick
      from jobs in the menu map thingy. Anyways thanks for the help I will be
      sure to check whenever I get on my ps4. Sorry for how long this is 😛

  4. Charles Randolph

    How to I unlock more things and access more vehicles to spawn?

    • Golden Eagle

      Level up and complete more activities.

    • Charles Randolph

      Most of them require more than two players. That’s why it’s called “ONLINE”
      I know… I’m still new to this….or at least if it didn’t keep
      disconnecting me -_-

  5. Markus brander

    how do i search for jobs??

  6. Ahsan Zaidi

    Once you notice how many times he says “Basically” you can’t un-notice.

  7. Ayesha Majeed

    guys add me on ps4 my name is yoomajed

  8. Trancer006

    Are there still people playing Gta Online on PC? I dont have any friends
    who play it so im gonna be joining random jobs or matches.

  9. BeeCeeHQ

    When i enter online i just go into the map i dont have lemar pick me up at
    an airport or nothing ?

  10. Midget Plays

    Thanks this helped me out!

  11. raul vanpersie

    golden eagle……do you reply……
    if yeah then….answer
    I saw in another Yt channel there was a mission ballast to the ground,
    chasers etc….
    but I have never done those…I’m lv 31 but I have only missions like
    low-rise missions and flecca heist help

  12. MR. GO

    شكرا ترجم لو انك انقلزي الاسلام مصدر السعاده

  13. Binza

    Why doesn’t land race not show on my ma?

  14. Buta Dan

    how you host the jobs all the time if you want?

    • Buta Dan

      and you don’t have all the jobs on the map

    • mitch colbert

      Buta Dan yes i do hes my bother

  15. Tc DynamicZ


  16. Lip Sync's - Yobo Shawn Entertainment

    very informative thanks, your my Favroite gamer so far…

  17. Lip Sync's - Yobo Shawn Entertainment

    I’m on ps 3 version

  18. Golden Eagle

    Hey everyone! Thanks for over 200,000 views on this video and I’m glad that
    it helped out so many of you. I recently started a new channel that I hope
    will be bigger and better than this one. If you have a minute, stop by and
    say hey:

  19. Hamza Al-asadi

    How do you request your car?

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